Cruise de France T-Shirts


This year's MoCool 2017 t-shirt comes in some new, dark colors -- with the ultra-cool Cruise de France logo splashed inMoCool 2017 Shirts white across the front..

Shirts go for the low price of $20 in sizes S through XL; sizes 2X and 3X are $3 more. They're  available in five colors: traditional Red and Royal Blue, plus brand-new black, antique wine and antique blue. You need to order from the signup website by August 9, so we can print them in time for you to pick up at MoCool, or contact Julia B if you can't make the weekend and want yours sent.

We say this every year: ORDER YOURS NOW! We don't print extras to sell at the picnic. And every year a bunch of nimrods get all over us once they see how cool the shirts look and have to go home without one. So here's your warning: ORDER YOURS NOW! (from the signup page).


MoCool -- the Motown Co-Operative Off-Line -- is the world's longest-running off-line gathering of wired wine lovers, started in 1992 by a group in the Detroit / Ann Arbor area. Over the years, our annual August tastings have brought together wine lovers from across the US and Canada, and as far away as France, South Africa and New Zealand!

The event is non-profit, run by a loosely organized group of volunteers for the purpose of enjoying good wines, good food, and socializing with fellow wine lovers. If you've read this far and that idea sounds pretty good to you, then you're probably one of us!


Go to the Contact page to email the appropriate person.

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