Julia Benkert juliabmocool at gmail.com
Sat Jun 16 12:26:24 CDT 2018

Hello MoCooligans!

The registration site is not quite up and running yet, but the man behind
the curtain is tweaking it as we speak.

Just wanted to update you all on the basics:

Fr*iday, July 27th*
*Pre-Cool Welcome and Warm up*
*Holiday Inn &Suites Express*
*Zeeb Rd.*

*Sat.July 28th*
*Nordman Lake*
*Bring any fabulous pinot!*

*Hotels:*  Use the "MoCool rate" at each:

  Comfort Inn and Suites Chelsea
 1645 Commerce Dr. Chelsea, MI
  rate: $119.00 tax+ fees not incl.

Holiday Inn and Suites Express Ann Arbor
 323 N Zeeb Rd, Ann Arbor, MI 48103
: (734) 827-1100
$138 standard king (excl. tax+fees)
$149  deluxe king w/sofa
*MUST ORDER BY JULY 6th very limited Sat. availability..jump on!*

*The next email I send you will be to announce the opening of the
registration site...on your mark...get set...(wait for it)*

*40 DAYS!!*

PS. If you are on the MoCool Facebook page, you can see the chatter.  If
you're not on there, but want to be..simply request admission and the door
will open.
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